PDF Downloads

Food Seasonings Worksheet


Use this worksheet to develop a seasoning plan with herbs, spices and other seasonings. Click the Herb Garden to

download the pdf for the Food Seasonings Worksheet

App Critique Form


Here is a sample chart to gather information

about apps. It can be used to compare apps.

Click the STAR to download the pdf for an

App Critique Form

Cookbook & Website Recipe Resources


This resource is part of the Cooking Quest. Click on the 

Kitchen photo to download the pdf for Healthy Recipe & Cookbook Resources.

Nutrition Tech Handout for RDNs


Click the Digital Toolbox to download the handout

review of Catherine's Nutrition Tech lecture.


SORRY! This link is no longer open. Book a lecture or workshop with Catherine to get access to this review available to attendees.

Telehealth / EHRs for Dietetic Private Practice 

Click the Computer sympol to the left to view the list of tips and telehealth / EHR products available for dietetic private practices. This is Catherine's list of Telehealth/EHRs for Dietetic Private Practice.